Our Horses

Tshampagne Tsaxman
(Saxton DGL x Keyahna)
2018 Purebred Chestnut Colt
Tshampagne Tstormborn
(SF Aftershoc x Never Ending Love)
2016 Half-Arabian Chestnut Mare
Tshampagne Moonlight
(Night Flight SA x Never Ending Love)
2017 Half-Arabian Bay Mare
Bellatrix PF
(HA Toskcan Sun x MD Bellamesa)
2017 Purebred Chestnut Mare
Primadona Drama PF
(SF Aftershoc x JR Primadona)
2017 Purebred Grey Mare
Divine Intervention
(Mamage x CHC Corporately Divine)
2016 Chestnut Half-Arabian Mare
Rose Kennedy TA
(SF Aftershoc x Adoniis Amber Rose)
2016 Purebred Arabian Mare
Lady Tstardust TA
(Baskghazi x IA Shabella)
2016 Purebred Chestnut Filly
Tosh Point O
(Black Daniels x Never Ending Love)
2015 Half-Arabian Chestnut Colt
Tshampagne Tshocstar
(SF Aftershoc x Phun Night)
2015 Half-Arabian Chestnut Gelding
Tshampagne Supernova
(Shaddofax x Fire Of Love)
2015 Half-Arabian Bay Colt

Tshampagne’s 2018 Foaling List

 Posey Boyd TA(SF Aftershoc x Adoniis Amber Rose) Tshampagne Tsaxman AEPA BREEDING(S...

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2018 National Show Horse Finals

All we can say is Tshampagne Tshocstar. Tshocstar had his debut under saddle and was a STA...

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