Scottsdale 2014

Gioni will be shown in Senior Geldings with John Rannenberg and Amateur Geldings with Brooksley Sheehe. He will also be making his debut under saddle in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse with John and the Arabian Hunter Pleasure AOTR class with Brooksley. Rohara Tshampagne will be shown in the Scottsdale Classic Yearling Colts with Joe Alberti and the Scottsdale Signature Yearling Colts/Geldings ATH with Brooksley Sheehe. Mercy Mercy Me will be shown in the Half Arabian English Pleasure AOTR by Brooksley Sheehe

Photo Gallery

Tshampagne’s 2018 Foaling List

 Posey Boyd TA(SF Aftershoc x Adoniis Amber Rose) Tshampagne Tsaxman AEPA BREEDING(S...

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2018 National Show Horse Finals

All we can say is Tshampagne Tshocstar. Tshocstar had his debut under saddle and was a STA...

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